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The ProChamp custom mouthguard is a top-performing choice for athletes participating in most contact sports. The custom-fitted design, constructed with multiple layers, provides superior protection against impact. Perform with peace of mind, as your ProChamp mouthguard is designed to keep you protected.


  • Customize with your choice of 1, 2, or 3 colors
  • Choose the placement of the Champ logo
  • Add custom text or select from our graphic library
  • Comes with a protective case for safe storage and transport.
  • Includes initials and mobile number on the inside of the mouthguard

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Choose from a wide range of graphics options, colors, or upload your own image that not only provides superior protection but also reflects your unique style.

Product specifications

Pro champ

3.0 mm High-Shock Absorbing Thermoplastic Material.

27 Colours Available in Single, Double or Triple Combinations.

Text Embedding & Our Standard Graphics Range Included.

Advanced All Around Impact Protection: Suitable for Athletes of All Ages & All Levels of Contact.

All Moderate to Heavy Contact Sports: Rugby, MMA, Stick Sports.

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