Each custom made mouthguard ordered online comes with a:
* DIY CHAMP Impression Kit (includes a Mouldable Tray & Two Sets of Putty – enough for two attempts)
* Custom Made Mouthguard
* Mouthguard Protection Case
* Champ Lanyard

After each purchase is finalised, an automatic email is sent out outlining step by step process including a detailed video. We encourage you to have an attempt and send us photos (from different angles) of your first attempt to A spare set of putty is included in all kits so a second impression can be taken if required. If needed, we offer a 1 on 1 video call where one of our friendly staff can walk you through the process live. To secure a booking, please email
Our technicians will check impression(s) before starting your mouthguard, however in the rare case of a ‘bad impression’ we will immediately send another kit free of charge and will fast track the production of your mouthguard.

Purchases of our online DIY Kit orders will be ineligible to claim a private health insurance rebate.
We have a directory of preferred dental surgeries who may be located in your area by clicking here. You will be able to book in your appointment for a fitting and enjoy the benefit of using your private health insurance.
If your local dentist is not on our list, you can have them contact us and we can add them to our list.

Not whilse using one of our DIY CHAMP kits. We are able to fabricate mouthguards for people with braces when you visit one of our preferred providers only, additional charges will apply.
*DIY impression kits cannot be used for this impression. Find one of our preferred providershere.

on problem – Contact us for more info and we can help you through the process.

Champ Mouthguards offers a one-year warranty for manufacturing faults. Be sure not to chew on your mouthguard as this can distort the shape and render your mouthguard uncomfortable and less effective. If your mouthguard is damaged from chewing, this is not covered by the warranty.
When you’re not wearing your custom mouthguard, store it in its protective case and out of direct contact with the sun or heat. Contact us for more information of our returns policy.

10 business days is our standard turnaround, once your dental impression has been received by us. We also a guarantee 5 business day turnaround for an additional $50.00 fee.

In the rare event your mouthguard doesn’t fit properly, please contact our team and we will look into finding you a solution. If a new impression is required, we will send you a new DIY and fast track your mouthguard so you have it back within 5 business days.

For children between 6 and 15, their custom mouthguard should be replaced every season to accommodate their growing and changing mouth and teeth. If you notice your child regularly removing their mouthguard and chewing it, this is a good sign it isn’t comfortable and should be replaced.
Adults should replace their mouthguard every 2-3 years, but be sure to inspect it every year for damage or changes. If you begin to notice your mouthguard is loose or that it rubs on your gums resulting in sore spots, these are other signs it’s time to be replaced.

A custom mouthguard can be made for a child with a removable appliance. Before taking the impression, the plate must be removed, and it cannot be in at the same time as the mouthguard.

Our custom mouthguards for children are built to allow for some tooth movement because of how quickly a child’s teeth and bones change. Until your child reaches the age of 15, they’ll need a new mouthguard each year.

Coming soon! 3D reordering process plan.
We’ll keep an impression on file, and that way, we can quickly make you a new mouthguard without taking another impression.
ContactUs for more information

Wash your mouthguard in cold water after every use.
Use your toothbrush to gently scrub your mouthguard and remove any saliva and food debris.
To quickly improve the taste and smell of your mouthguard, use our CHAMP sanitizing spray. Made with all-natural ingredients, our sanitizing spray has plenty of uses and benefits.
Avoid toothpaste, solvents, and hot water on your custom mouthguards. They can abrade the device and distort its shape.

With a custom-fitted mouthguard, a mould is made to replicate your oral structure to ensure the mouthguard fits properly. Custom made mouthguards offer far superior protection over a boil n bite through a multi layering technique and the opportunity to add a custom graphic of your choice.
If you are not in a position to purchase a custom made mouthguard, we offer another solution in our boil n bite range which is made of the same material of our custom made mouthguards. Whilst it may not have the same superior fit of a custom made mouthguard, you can re-mould your boil n bite in boiling water to correct its fit when neccessary. Our boil n bite range comes in a selection of cool designs.

To ensure your mouthguard doesn’t interfere with breathing or speech, your custom-fitted device will only extend to or just past your first molar depending on the size of your mouth.

Champ’s mouthguards are built for sports and are not intended to prevent teeth grinding. Visit our nightguards page for more info on specific mouthguards used for grinding teeth.

For help with snoring, an anti-snoring mouthpiece is recommended, as these custom mouthguards are only intended for impact protection.

You can pay for your custom mouthguard with a credit or debit card, including Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. We also offer Afterpay so you can buy now and pay later.

Afterpay, you can ‘buy now and pay later’. Your order will be broken down into 4 fortnightly payments spread out over 8 weeks. For more information about Afterpay visit their website.


A nightguard is a dental appliance that is worn during sleep to protect the teeth and jaws from damage caused by grinding or clenching (bruxism). The purpose of a nightguard is to provide a cushioning barrier between the upper and lower teeth to prevent them from rubbing against each other, which can lead to wear and tear, chipping, cracking, or fracturing of the teeth.

Nightguards also help alleviate the symptoms of bruxism, such as headaches, earaches, jaw pain, and facial pain. By reducing the intensity of the grinding or clenching, a nightguard can help alleviate the pressure on the jaw muscles and joints, and prevent the development of more serious conditions such as TMJ disorder.

Generally, a well-maintained nightguard made of high-quality materials can last anywhere from 1 to 5 years. However, some individuals may need to replace their nightguard more frequently, especially if they have severe bruxism or grind their teeth aggressively.

It is important to regularly check your nightguard for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, holes, or an uneven bite. You should also clean your nightguard daily and store it in a protective case when not in use.

If you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep, then you should wear your night guard every night. This is because every night you don’t wear your protective guard could result in damage to your teeth. Even though the damage from a single night is minimal, it will add up over time.

After use, you should wash your night or mouthguard in cold water. Use your toothbrush to gently scrub it, removing saliva and any food debris. You can either use our specially-made CHAMP antibac spray, or denture cleansing solutions once a week to keep your night or mouthguard nice and fresh.

A quick rinse in a non-alcoholic mouthwash will help improve the taste and smell of your night or mouthguard. Do not use toothpaste or solvents, as they will abrade your night guard. Do not clean with hot water or heat either, as this will distort the shape.

Night guards shouldn’t hurt when you first wear them. However, they may take some time for you to get used to. Many people think wearing a night guard is uncomfortable for the first week or two. This discomfort should subside within a few weeks, though, as your mouth becomes more used to your guard.

Unfortunately, adults or children with upper/lower braces or a fixed upper plate cannot use the home impression process, and therefore are unable to use a custom-made protective guard. They'll have to wear an ‘off-the-shelf’ night guard purchased at a pharmacy or sports store until their braces or plate are removed.

Purchases of our online DIY Kit orders will not be eligible to claim a private health insurance rebate. However, we have a directory of preferred dental surgeries that may be located in your area by clicking here. You will be able to book in your appointment for a fitting and enjoy the benefit of using your private health insurance. If your local dentist is not on our list, you can have them contact us and we can add them to our list.

If you suffer from ‘sleep bruxism,’ a night guard is definitely worth it. While you might be concerned about the price of a night guard, the cost of not getting one can be significantly more. That’s because grinding your teeth at night can cause tooth damage, jaw problems, and even put you at risk of gum disease. These health problems can cost $1,000s to treat – far more than what a night guard will set you back.