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The LiteChamp custom mouthguard is an ideal option for athletes participating in light to minimal contact sports. Its lightweight design features a single layer that offers effective protection while allowing for ease of breathing and clear communication during gameplay.

Any Rugby/AFL or combat type of sports, we recommend upgrading to the ProCHAMP


  • Personalize with your choice of 1 color
  • Comes with a protective case for storage and transport.

Note it does not include initials or mobile number on the inside area of your mouthguard. Upgrade to ProCHAMP for this inclusion.

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Product specifications

Lite champ

2.0 mm High-Shock Absorbing Thermoplastic Material.

27 Colours Available in Single, Double or Triple Combinations.

No Graphic Options or Text Embedding Available.

Essential Impact Protection: Suitable for Junior Athletes up to 8yrs & Light contact sports.

Light Contact Sports: BJJ, Basketball, Soccer.

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