CONNECTING MEN (Custom Made - ProChamp)

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CONNECTING MEN (Custom Made - ProChamp)

Sale price$256.00 NZD
This artwork design presents the strength and resilience that our brothers have within them. As we all have walked around and around in many circles to get where we are today.  ©️saltwater Dreaming Artwork
*This is a custom made mouthguard. Price includes a DIY Self Impression Kit inclusive of a return paid postage label. Not suitable for people with braces or fixed appliances. Includes a sanitary mouthguard box and lanyard. 
We are proud to introduce Kara, the talented Indigenous artist collaborating with Champ Mouthguards to bring you a unique collection of mouthguards featuring her stunning, culturally inspired designs.

Kara hails from the Dharawal tribe of La Perouse, Sydney, where her Saltwater heritage runs deep. She is a descendant of Kathleen née Simms and Thomas Saunders, and her family ties extend from La Perouse to Shoalhaven. As a passionate advocate for her Aboriginal heritage, Kara seeks to express the beauty of her culture through her art.

Since her early childhood, Kara has been painting and perfecting her craft, leading her to establish her small, Indigenous-owned and operated business, Saltwater Dreaming Artwork. As a member of the Indigenous Art Code, her business ensures that the ethics and principles of Indigenous art are upheld and respected.

Kara's artwork is characterized by the use of warm, bright, and vibrant colours that capture the essence of her Saltwater heritage. By incorporating these stunning designs into our mouthguards, we aim to celebrate the richness of Indigenous culture and provide our customers with a unique and meaningful product.

Join us in celebrating Kara's incredible talent and our exciting collaboration by exploring our exclusive range of mouthguards featuring her captivating designs.