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Rugby League Mouthguards

Rugby league players know just how important protecting their teeth and mouth is when they’re on the field. CHAMP custom mouthguards are the protective and durable option you need. For a high-intensity, high-impact sport, our custom mouthguards will give you the necessary protection from heavy blows and contact.

CHAMP mouthguards come in a huge range of styles so you can make it your own. Choose from options like adding your initials, your favourite NRL team logo, custom colours, or go for a basic, clear mouthguard.

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Aussie Rules Mouthguards

CHAMP mouthguards offers an impressive range of mouthguards for AFL players. Choose from a basic model that gives you the protection you need, or customise a unique mouthguard with your favourite colours, designs, and more.

Aussie Rules players face great physical risk every time they’re on the field, and with a CHAMP custom mouthguard you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your teeth and mouth are shielded from impact.

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Basketball Mouthguards

Basketball may not be as high-impact as rugby or football, but protecting your teeth on the court is still important. All it takes is colliding with an elbow or a skull to cause severe damage to your teeth or mouth. Whether you’re a serious player or part of a casual league, a CHAMP custom mouthguard gives you the coverage you need.

CHAMP has an impressive range of mouthguards for basketball players. Pick from a simple mouthguard or create a custom mouthguard with your favourite team’s colours or another fun design.

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Hockey Mouthguards

Don’t put your teeth and mouth at risk when you’re playing hockey! With a CHAMP custom mouthguard, you’ll know you’ve got the protection you need so you can focus on the game.

Players can choose from hockey mouthguards with simple designs and colours or create something totally unique, colourful, and personalised. CHAMP mouthguards has you covered!

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Boxing Mouthguards

You probably already know how important mouthguards are for boxers. All it takes is one hit to the face to cause significant damage to your teeth. CHAMP mouthguards are the durable and effective option that gives boxers the coverage they need — don’t get in the ring without one!

Pick from our huge range of mouthguard styles and colours, or even customise your own mouthguard for a totally individual look.

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Martial Arts Mouthguards

Martial artists can perform with confidence knowing they’re protected with a CHAMP custom mouthguard. We offer a wide range of martial arts mouthguards that you can customise to your exact specifications, style, and design.

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Rugby Union Mouthguards

CHAMP has custom mouthguard options built just for rugby union players. Your teeth and mouth are at constant risk of damage during a game, but with a CHAMP mouthguards, you’ll know you’re protected.

Looking for a simple design with effective coverage? We’ve got you covered. If you need something just as protective but with a unique, personalised design, our custom rugby union mouthguards are the right choice.

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Lacrosse Mouthguards

Don’t risk damage and injury to your teeth and mouth on the field! CHAMP’s lacrosse mouthguards are built to last and give you the protection you need to perform at your best.

Lacrosse players can choose from a huge range of custom mouthguard options. Whether you need something simple or you want to customise your mouthguard with your favourite colours or designs, CHAMP mouthguards are the right choice.

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