Retro (Pride NSW Hockey Team Design)

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Retro (Pride NSW Hockey Team Design)

Sale price$180.00

Represent your team with pride by purchasing your very own NSW Pride custom made mouthguard with this unique design. You have an option of two types of mouthguards to choose from – ProCHAMP & EliteCHAMP.

Our ProCHAMP custom mouthguard is suitable for most contact sports. The custom-fitted advanced design is made with multiple layers for added protection against impact. Wearing the Pro Champ model, athletes can perform at their best with the confidence their mouthguard is doing its job.

For athletes involved in high risk of dental trauma such as Hockey, the EliteCHAMP custom mouthguard is strongly recommended. With a triple-layer design, this custom-fitted mouthguard offers maximum protection against heavy impact. Using multi-layering technology, we are able to provide greater protection by increasing the thickness in areas that need it most.