Which Mouthguard is Right for Me?

Which Mouthguard is Right for Me?

Last Updated on April 23, 2022 by Joshua Poole

At CHAMP Mouthguards, we offer a range of various mouthguards to suit your individual needs. Have you browsed our store and were left wondering what the difference between the ProCHAMP and the EliteCHAMP mouthguards is? You’re not alone. We’ve created the below helpful guide comparing and contrasting the different mouthguard types so you can make an informed decision on which mouthguard is right for you.

CHAMP BNB Mouthguard 

Perfect for… Those on a budget wanting an intermediary level of protection

CHAMP BNB is our premium boil and bite range, made from the same high-quality material as our custom mouthguards but without the price tag. While we would strongly recommend purchasing a custom mouthguard for superior protection and comfort, we understand that this may not be possible for everyone. Our CHAMP Boil and Bite comes in a range of different colours and graphics to show off your personality! Available in 3 sizes: Adult, Womens, and Junior. Please note, this mouthguard is a DIY boil and bite fitting and not a custom fitting. Not sure what the difference is? Visit our helpful guide to learn the key differences between boil and bite and custom made mouthguards.

Shop our CHAMP Boil & Bite range with prices starting from $39.00 AUD*

LiteCHAMP Mouthguard

Perfect for… Kids aged 4-6 who want an intermediary level of protection with a custom fit.

Our LiteCHAMP Mouthguard is a lightweight custom mouthguard designed for little ones who are unlikely to experience high-intensity contact while playing sports. The liteCHAMP Mouthguard provides intermediary protection while acting as a trainer mouthguard so children can become accustomed to wearing one before they transition to a high-impact mouthguard. While this mouthguard is a custom fit based on a replica of your mouth, it is also lightweight with only 1 layer of protection. LiteCHAMP is available in a range of different colours including pearly and fluorescent tones. 

Shop the LiteCHAMP range with prices starting from $119.00 AUD* 

ProCHAMP Mouthguard

Perfect for… Anyone wanting a superior level of protection

ProCHAMP is our best-selling mouthguard and is suitable for players of any age, playing any sport at any level! With double-layer protection, the ProCHAMP is custom-made and absorbs the impact protecting the teeth, face and jaw. This range is 100% customisable with our revolutionary 3D graphic builder technology, which allows you to upload any photo, pattern or print to create a unique, one-of-a-kind mouthguard. 

Shop the ProCHAMP range with prices starting from $179.00 AUD* 

EliteCHAMP Mouthguard

Perfect for… Those who insist on nothing but the best for their teeth!

Have you spent a fortune on dental work for your teeth and want the ultimate protection for your investment? Look no further than the EliteCHAMP- our premier mouthguard with a whopping 3 layers of protection. The third layer is precisely positioned to provide additional coverage for the front row of teeth, as they are the most exposed to blows on the sporting field. Even with three layers of protection, the EliteCHAMP fits comfortably and will not impede the ability to speak or breathe. Similar to our ProCHAMP, this mouthguard is 100% customisable with our 3D technology so you can show off your personality.

Shop the EliteCHAMP range with prices starting from $210.00 AUD* 

Still not sure which CHAMP Mouthguard is the right choice for you? Contact our friendly and experienced customer service team at info@champmouthguards.com for further advice and information.

*Prices listed above are for online purchases only. Additional costs may apply if an appointment is made with your own dental surgery or a visit to Champ’s dental surgery.