What benefits are there with using a CHAMP Mouthguard?

What benefits are there with using a CHAMP Mouthguard?

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Joshua Poole

Think of your competition. Things are getting very competitive and the difference between winning and losing could be an inch, a second or even a millisecond for some sports. High Performance Units (HPU), Teams or Consultants are now looking at every little detail to gain a competitive edge over the competition. 

Your thinking yes that’s great Cem but surely a mouthguard does not play any part in this. Well guess what? It really does! 

Let’s take CO2 as this is one hot topic of HPUs at present. Any athlete who experiences any level of oxygen restriction will:

  1. Fatigue quicker
  2. Build up lactic acid in muscles faster
  3. Reduce oxygen levels in the blood cells to fuel muscles causing loss of strength and endurance.

If you have a poorly fitted mouthguard the only way to keep it in is to shut your mouth and bite down. Which is really difficult.

More and more athletes across all sporting codes including Basketball and Soccer are starting to realize that custom made mouthguards do not solely play the role of protecting their teeth but enable them to breathe much better.

So if you are serious about your career in your chosen sporting field, then contact me or my team and let us be a part of your journey to success. At the end of the day you want to be a CHAMP don’t you?