How customisable are Champ mouthguards?

How customisable are Champ mouthguards?

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Joshua Poole

One of the questions I get a lot is can I choose a design on my mouthguard. I love receiving these questions. Gone are the days of having graphics printed using your regular $99 CANNON Desktop Inkjet printer and having 2 or more of your mates with the same design on the mouthguard.

CHAMP not only has the ability to offer multiple colour mouthguard options, we also have the ability to customise your mouthguard with a cool graphic of your choice making it unique thanks to owning a fully commercial grade printer which is 1.5m long!

When people hear that they can have anything they want on there, I usually get a blank face back as most customers were not expecting that reply. Then I get from some of our customers – “Oh really? I don’t know what I want”

For some of you who are stuck on what design you want, here are some ideas we share:

Do you want a logo of your favourite team? We got you covered!

Do you want your favourite cartoon/action character? We got you covered!

Did you want something written on your mouthguard in a certain font?

If you are not sure, my team can help you with making a decision on a design.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and come up with a cool design. Let me and my team bring your mouthguard to life and have everyone asking you where you got your mouthguard from!

Call us now on (02) 9311 7447 to book your appointment for your fitting at our surgery or alternatively if you would like a DIY impression kit posted to you.

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